Our Mission

Our Mission is to achieve professional liberation, the freedom to pursue one's professional goals, to the extent of one's own aptitude without externally imposed limitations, for all women, particularly those from historically underrepresented populations. Using cultural, structural and disciplinary sources of authority to produce new knowledge.

About STEM Sisters

Founded by Ruwangi, STEM Sisters was first initiated at Victoria University in 2017, to attract and celebrate women in Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM) at Victoria University. With  the support of Vicotia Univeristy and SSAF funding. STEM Sisters was able to organise many events to network female and male students and academics to support female STEM students to achieve career goals at Victoria University.

STEM workforce plays an increasingly important role in the Australian economy as they are critical to the country’s innovation and responsible for many of the cutting-edge ideas and technologies that create new jobs and raise the living standards of all Australians. It's evident that Australia needs more diverse STEM population as diversity hugely benefits the technological innovation at large. Currently, only 39.7 per cent of the STEM workforce is female and even lesser for culturally diverse women. But its important to know that 35 per cent of people with STEM qualifications living in Australia is born elsewhere. Therefore, we need, include and sustain more STEM women of colour in Australian STEM workforce by promoting a career in STEM is attractive and attainable as any other. 

There are many Australian STEM organisations, which support women in STEM, but no specific organisation in Australia supports, STEM women of colour, especially migrated STEM women or international female students, who are studying STEM related courses in Australia and STEM Sisters was initiated to bridge this gap. 

Ruwangi Fernando , Founder

Our Team

Meet our founder, Volunteers and the people supporting the sisterhood.


STEM Sisters acknowledges, recognises and respects the Ancestors, Elders and families of the Boonwurrung, Waddawurrung and Wurundjeri of the Kulin who are the traditional owners of land in Victoria.