Why Become a STEM Sister

When you join STEM Sisters a society of STEM women of Colour, you reinforce your ties with a community  who understand your lived experience in science, technology, engineering and mathematical fields. STEM Sisters supports each other and draw strength from one another as we work to reshape STEM into an enterprise, where we can all strive.

Everyone who participates in our community is considered a member. There are no memberships, fees or requirements. Simply attend an event, and or engage with our community, as a volunteer, a mentor, or join our mailing list to become a member. 

You are Super Invited!

Join Stem Sister 

We are constantly looking for volunteers, with the passion to support STEM Sisters vision. Let your impact be felt through your contributions. 

  • STEM Content Developers and Guest Content Contributors
  • Graphics Designer 
  • Public Relation Specialists
  • Program/Project Managers

Join STEM Sisters society and volunteer with us, and it is an easy way to endeavour and become an important part of an Australian community of STEM women of colour.

Fill out the required forum to join our volunteer program!



Join STEM Sisters the society of STEM Women of colour is an easy way to support this and become an important part of an Australian Community of STEM women of colour